The Broke Girl's Guide to Boho Decor

The Broke Girl’s Guide to Boho Decor

Boho decor can get pricey due to the prevalence of antique and handmade elements, but with a little help you can capture the style’s eclectic charm on a budget. From sofas to chandeliers, here are the most affordable decor finds to create the boho home you’ve been fantasizing about.

40 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas – If you want to make your room look with sort of unconventional, Bohemian style may give you some inspirations. Bohemianism was originated from the movement in Paris in late 19th century, when the artists advocated freedom of life and artistic creations. They were group of people with weird clothes and full of creative ideas. The alternative lifestyle rapidly spread and became the fusion of Beat Movement, Rainbow Gathering in 20th century. Today Bohemian …

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